People are Happy when they Feel Valued, Connected, and Purpose-Driven.

Intentional Thinking is the foundation on which our Personal & Professional Training Pathways are built;  when  you are intentional with your thoughts and actions, you align yourself to the fulfilling life you desire.
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Karen Amlin, PCC, FCBC, Bth, NLP Trainer

Founder of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.


With over 5000 hours of personal & executive coaching experience, I have had the priviledge of working with some incredible individuals in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. In my desire to understand the dynamics that contributed to many clients reaching their desired outcomes, in comparison to those who stayed stuck, the information gathered catipulted the creation of the 7Key Intentional Thinking System. People who are intentional in their Awareness, Connections, Decisions, Impact, Presence, Growth & Intuiton become empowered to create a life that aligns to happiness, meaningful relationships, peace of mind, and purpose.

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