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Wisdom Seekers

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What you are going to EXPERIENCE

A Deep Dive into Hidden Treasures 

Each week you will be given a reading from different books in Karen's most cherished private collection that was given to her many years ago (the story of these will be shared in class one). Each book is over 40 - 100 years old and full of thought-provoking, spiritual wisdom. You will read, self-reflect and then take part in a one-hour deep-dive in the group coaching sessions. If you cannot attend, you will have access to a private playback recording of the session.
Throughout this Master Coaching Series from January 5th through March 9th, you will:

  • Be given access to deeply spiritual writings (some over 100 years old)
  • Reflect on the meaning of Divine Wisdom 
  • Think about Your Purpose & Divine Ideas
  • Discuss the meaning and power of of Consciousness
  • Reflect on Your Higher-Level Self
  • Learn to Protect Yourself from Negative Influences
  • Learn the Power of "I AM" (on a deeper level than its use in affirmations)
  • Evaluate High-Road Thinking & Action
  • Think about HOW you relate to Money & Prosperity
  • Evaluate how conscious thinking impacts reality
  • Reflect on what it means to hve Faith & Trust in the Process
  • Learn what to do with Intuitive Ideas
  • and more...

Karen Amlin

Bth, PCC, FCBC, NLP Trainer

Karen has over 5000 hours of coaching experience; she has achieved her PCC credential through ICF (International Coaching Federation), and has worked with hundreds of men and women, including CEO's, leaders, and managers of successful corporations. In addition to her many coaching credentials, Karen has a Bachelor's degree in Theology, and is the founder and director of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.