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Mindfulness for Beginners

An 8-Week Introduction to Mindfulness that includes a 119 page PDF workbook, daily practices, weekly mindfulness logs & many unique audio meditations.

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What to Expect

Instant Access to Week One immediately after signing up. Each week a new PowerPoint Slideshow will be unlocked for you with clear instructions on where to go to in your 119page PDF workbook, and clickable daily meditations. This is a completely self-directed course - you have lifetime access and can take your time and work through it again and again, at your own pace.
  • Engaging videos
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Daily Meditation Audios
  • Insightful Actiivities & Reflection
  • Daily & Weekly Mindfulness Logs
  • Additional Links to FREE Meditations
  • Additional Links to Mindfulness Videos
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Overview of the 8 Weeks

See below for a quick overview of each week's studies - there are daily activiites and meditations as well as daily logs for you to do in your workbook.

Intro. to

What is Mindfulness?
Letting Go
Continuously Starting Over

Week #1 Attention & The NOW

Present Moment
Just Be
Routine Activities
Body Scan & Wheel of Awareness Meditations

Week #2 Automaticity

Conscious Awareness
Eating with Awareness
Creating Anchors

Week #3 

Judgment Colors Reality
Strengthening Duality
Judgment Creates Conflict
Being Aware of Judgments

Week #4

Unpleasant & Pleasant Situations
Resistance & Acceptance
Three-Minute Breathing

Week #5

Pitfalls of Goals
Issusion of Goals & Happiness
Less Anxiety & Gratitude
Seated Meditation

Week #6

Loving Kindness of Self & Others Meditations

Week# 7 
The Ego

Ego Identification
Fear & Threats
Observing Ego Meditation

Week #8 Integration

Bringing it All Together
Continuing Mindfulness Practice
Additional Videos and