Intentional Limits

Being Assertive, Setting Boundaries & 
Letting Go of People-Pleasing

  • Self-Directed with Lifetime Access
  • Includes Videos
  • Includes Practice Scripts to use at Home & at Work
  • Includes Audios for Building Confidence & Self-Respect
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WHat YOu will Gain From this Training

Gain Respect, Feel Less Stressed & Become More Empowered

This course has been designed from analyzing the transformative results of real people who have tried and succeeded using the methods featured in this course.  You will be able to use these skills to improve communication and balance in your personal and professional life. You will feel less stressed, more confident, and gain the respect you are worthy of.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • the value of setting healthy limitations with others
  • the difference between being assertive and aggressive.
  • how to say no with kindness and respect
  • how to teach others how to treat you.
  • assertive and effective body language, tone of voice, and words.
  • how to identify unhealthy and toxic communication patterns at home and at work.
  • how to identify your needed limitations
  • how to stop being a people-pleaser
  • how to overcome fear of letting people down
  • how to gain the respect of others at home and at work.
  • how to express your needs and expectations clearly, firmly, and kindly.
  • how to handle difficult people and situations.

Feel Less Overwhelmed & More Respected

You can be Assertive & Set Limitations without Looking Mean or Rude.

Karen Amlin

PCC, CPC, FCBC, NLP Trainer, Instructor
With over 5000+ hours of coaching experience, Karen has earned a reputation for connecting with her clients and students in a meaningful way; she has designed this course from studying the positive results from hundreds of clients who have learned to be more assertive and set healthy boundaries in their lives.