Your daily habits create predictable results. 

Certified NLP Practitioner

NLP Training teaches you that success is not necessarily the result of having a high level of intelligence and education, it comes from having daily habits that are effective at getting you the results you want. By understanding your own decision-making strategies, and  thought patterns, you can choose to develop new effective habits by modelling the behaviors of successful people, and create the predictable results you want.

Effective Communicaiton is a Pillar of Success.

NLP training helps you build rapport, and create meaningful connections, by teaching you how to identify unique language pattern people uses, as well as their non-verbal cues: body language, tone of voice, and eye movements. NLP training provides an irreplaceable skillset for improved communication, developing strategies for success, and supporting others in achieving their desired outcomes.
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The ONLY NLP Training with an Intentional Thinkinng Component for Coaching & Leadership Professionals.

Improved communication skills

Gain a deeper understanding of body language, eye movements, rapport-building, active listening, and more.

Success-Driven Thinking Patterns

Develop new thinking patterns & decision-making strategies that have been proven to bring you the results you want.

Self-Awareness & Self-Management

NLP techniques help you connect the dots betwen who you are, how you make decisions, and what your predictable results are.

Level-Up Performance

Through the use of metaphors, motivation and intention exploration, and training,  NLP teaches you how to break unproductive behavioural patterns & increases your overall performance in life.

Increased Confidence

As you learn techniques for overcoming barriers, and letting go of self-sabotaging patterns,  you will begin achieving your desired outcomes, catipulting your confidence to a whole new level.

Coach Yourself & Others

Use NLP Training and techniques to coach yourself, and others, on how to strategize and achieve personal and professional success in life.

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The foundational principals of NLP with advanced coaching skills, will increase your efficiency.

NLP’s focus on effective communication, eliciting resourceful states & strategies, and removing blocks to success, is critical to NLP coaching. When applying the techniques you learn to business and personal interactions, you will experience gratifying moments of human connection and personal excellence. 
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Harness Your Ability to Create a Meaningful Life

How you think
 Everything you experience stems from the neurological processes of your sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touvh.

The language you use.
The use of language to order your thoughts and behaviors to communicate with others. 

The strategies you use.
choose to organize your ideas and actions to produce the results you want. The sequence of your internal processes, actions and outward behaviors.

NLP teaches you how and why you have the results you have in life.

Gain a clear understanding of how people strategize before making decisions, the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, what their body language is saying, how they achieve desired results, and more.

Is this training right for you?

  • Yes if you want to learn clear steps for creating instant change in your own life, and inspire positive change in others.
  • Yes, if you want to learn the secrets of highly effective coaches, leaders, sales managers.
  • Yes, if you want to stop sabotaging your own success.
  • Yes, if you want to let go of beliefs & behaviors that block your performance and efficiency.
  • Yes if you want to build instant rapport by understanding body cues, eye movements, and language patterns.
  • Yes if you want to feel more in control of your life, and your results.

Enhance your Skillset

In addition to the personal benefits of NLP training, becoming an NLP Practitioner is a priceless asset for Coaches, Consultants, Business Leaders and Sales Managers.

What they're saying about us

Karen is completely dedicated to her work. She takes great pride in giving 100% to her clients and students. She is kind, compassionate and caring while also being professional and focused.
Student of NLP Practitioner & CLC
Karen teaches with the same integrity and knowledge she consistently displays throughout her roles as a coach, teacher, speaker, and friend. At her core, she wants her students to succeed and she helps them see their skill sets and potential for  growth.
Student of NLP Practitioner & CLC
NLP has brought so much clarity into how I experience the world, my interactions with family, and has deepened my relationships with clients. The techiques I've learned have shifted and enhanced my skillset in ways I didn't even think were possible. I
Student of NLP Practitioner

Karen Amlin, PCC

Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Business Coach, Certified Life Coach, Core Strengths Facilitator
Karen Amlin PCC, is the Founder & Director of
Intentional Thinking Academy Inc. Karen combines her experience with hundreds of coaching clients, her belief in the power of Intentional Thinking, and her love of NLP to bring you a unique, unmatched Practitioner Training opportunity.