Embrace the power of your mind & start living a life that inspires you.

With lifetime access to over 120 powerful audios, intentions, reflections, and
specialized coaching, our 7KEYS program, including a 234-page workbook/journal,
teaches you how to use intentional thinking to stop self-sabotaging your
happiness, peace of mind, and success.

Practice the 7KEYS daily to get "unstuck" and create a life you love.

This 8-week program, lovingly nicknamed "the 7KEYS", together with group coaching, provides you with lifetime access to over 120 audios, interactive activities, and a 234 page workbook/journal that guides you on how to rewire self-sabotaging patterns with new thought processes that build confidence, define your purpose, and teach you how to follow-through on life-changing decisions.

Listen to what others experienced:

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Shawn - 00:32 "It's inspirational to hear other people's stories...."
Jackie - 00:57 "Before I met you, I was stuck in the past...in a really ugly place..."
1:05 - 
"Going through the 7KEYS brought everything to light...it changed everything for the better."
Karen -01:13
"It is life-changing...it's touching my soul..."
Lisa - 1:19
"It has changed my relationships with my family, my friends, my co-workers..."
Jackie - 01:32
"I don't feel this heaviness anymore..."
Twinkle - 01:53
"I think I am going to believe in my inner-talk a lot more now..."
Dana - 02:32
"It's re-enforcing a sense of accountability, in a way I wasn't prepared for..."
Shawn - 02:40
"I re-connected with the person I wanted to be..."
Twinkle (about her husband) - 03:37
"He joined, and he's a changed man!"
03:50 - 
"I think every single question we had, was answered through this program..."
Dana - 04:01
- "I love that I got a chance to review what authenticity meant to me."
once you sign up, you will be contacted to choose whether you prefer participating in a morning group or an evening group.
Special OFFER - only $475
Includes lifetime access to the 7KEYS program with over 120 audios, activities, group coaching, and workbook/journal.
Save over $1000
Our program is usually only offered with private coaching for $1500

Happiness is only few intentions away

Take responsibility for your current reality and commit to a daily practice of actively creating change.
234 page workbook/journal included & shipped to your home.
You deserve to live a happy, gratifying life. If you throw yourself into the 7KEYS, and do the work, it is impossible for you NOT to change.
— Sue T.

What To Expect

Sign Up & Reserve Your Spot
After you take advantage of the special group promotion, and officially sign up, we will reach out to you and ask you which group you prefer to be part of: morning, afternoon, or weekend)
7KEYS Are Unlocked
Immediately after you sign up, you will be given access to the 7KEYS Self-Empowerment program, and your 234-page workbook will be shipped to your home. Each week a new set of 3 daily audios for the week will be unlocked. (18+audios each week)
Group Coaching
You will be sent a private, secure zoom link to use for all of your weekly one-hour group coaching sessions. Each week you will come together to share, and listen, to each other's experiences with that week's audios, and the reflective questions and exercises in the workbook.

You Can Stop Feeling Stuck & Frustrated.

Increase Your Confidence

Let go of self-sabotaging habits and start following through on anything you set your mind to. Become assertive & confident.

Gain Clarity of Purpose

Discover who you really are, what you want out of your life and the impact you want to make in the world.

Forge Your Own Path

Our training shows you how to execute daily steps that will keep you moving toward your desired outcomes.
Clarity, peace of mind, and happiness. These come from living in alignment with your values and desires. When you begin identifying and visualizing what it is you want, you can focus your thoughts with intention, and take decisive actions to make it happen. As soon as you begin seeing results, your confidence goes up, momentum builds, and every single day, you gather more and more evidence that you are moving in the right direction.
When you feel in control of your reality, happiness and peace of mind are inevitable; so if you are stuck, or feel as though you are moving through life on autopilot without any real sense of purpose, our 7KEYS program can unlock the self-empowerment needed to get yourself back on track. With over 120 powerful audios, clarity-inducing exercises, and daily reflections in your workbook, you can rewire your old patterns and create a new, fulfilled life.

Is this program for me?

  • YES  - if you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and distracted.
  • YES - If you are 100% willing and ready to implement change.
  • YES - If you want to stop living on autopilot, and gain control of your own life.
  • YES - if you want to improve your confidence and be more assertive. 
  • YES - if you are done with sabotaging your own happiness.
  • YES - if you want more joy & fulfillment in life.
  • YES - if you want to identify your passions & purpose.
  • YES  - if you want to improve  your relationships.
  • YES  - if you want to make a positive impact in the world.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

8-week program with Life-Time Access

Each day you will have access to three 10-minute audios  (120+ audios you get to keep forever) that will help rewire your self-sabotaging patterns, increase your confidence, and guide you in creating a roadmap to your desired outcomes. 

Group Coaching

Each will you will meet on Zoom, with specially trained coaches and other participants going through the 7KEYS at the same time as you.  You can share, or observe; no matter what you choose, it will be impossible for you NOT to be changed from this experience. 


This 7KEYS were designed from analyzing the positive results of hundreds of coaching clients. The daily practice of being intentional in your thoughts, beliefs and actions will create new habits for success. Repetition over time creates new habits; you will have lifetime access to all audios, and materials, so that you can repeat the 8-week process as often as you like.  

A New Daily Practice

This unique coaching & training program teaches you the value of implementing a daily practice of aligning your thoughts, decisions, & actions to your overall vision. You will know exactly what you have to do each day to stop procrastinating, and move yourself closer to the ideal vision have for your life.

Is your purpose calling you but something always gets in your way?

Do you feel a pull for more? 

Gain Focus & Control

The 7KEYS will help you get unstuck by stopping the cycle of self-sabotage. You will gain more and more confidence every time you see positive results  from following through on intentions.

Manage Your Time

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. The 7KEYS will teach you how to uniquely design your day with a clear intent to move yourself in the direction you want to go.

Be Purpose-Driven

Intentional Thinking gives you the opportunity to experience a profound sense of purpose. You will align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to who you want to be, and what you want to do.

Trust Yourself More

Every time you say you are going to do something and you don’t, you lose trust in your own word. The 7KEYS boosts your confidence by helping you stick to the promises you make to yourself, and others.

Know Your Own Worth

Participants of the 7KEYS have repeatedly said that the daily audios helped make changes they never thought they could.  They leave the program feeling more connected to their personal worth & shocked with what they have accomplished in such a short time.

Inspire Positive Change

There is a ripple effect to everything we do. As your life evolves, and positive changes become more and more evident, your success and joy will radiate out. You will naturally empower, and inspire others to create positive changes for themselves as well.
My clients seek fulfillment in their lives; they want meaningful relationships and a sense of purpose. Many people wake up one day with the sudden realization that there is supposed to be MORE to life than what they are experiencing.  Lack of confidence, worry, over-thinking, financial stress, and fear keep people feeling stuck. The daily practice of using Intentional Thinking has transformed my life, and the lives of hundreds of clients I've had the privilege of working with. Soon after starting our 8-week program, you will start to feel calmer, more in control, enthusiastic about change, and eager to create the life you have always wanted. You deserve nothing less.
Karen Amlin, PCC, FCBC, NLP Trainer
Founder of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.

Course Lessons