Professional Life Coach
Training Trio

This is the ultimate Life Coach Training Trifecta.  Open more doors in your career when you earn three Professional Certifications.

Includes Three Professional Certifications

This is the ultimate Coach Training Trifecta for Advanced Skills
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified 7Key IT System Facilitator
  • Elevate your career & Earn 3 Professional Certifications & Acclaim Badges
  • Training by ICF PCC Coach
  • Coaching Opportunities through Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.
  • FREE Coaching Resources Included
  • Practice Coaching in Live Class Demos.
  • Payment Plan Available

20% discount (save $949)

Your instructor has coached hundreds of clients, and cannot imagine how different her career would have been without this level of training. Take advantage of saving $949 and work at your own pace to achieve three professional certifications.

Advanced Skillset

With this trio of training, you will an advanced skillset that will elevate your coaching to an exclusive level right from the start. This training also includes opportunities to earn income through Intentional Thinking Academy.

Ready to Help People Create Change in their Lives?

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Instructor: Karen Amlin
Karen Amlin, founder and director of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.  is a PCC credentialed coach through the International Coaching Federation; a Flow Certified Business Coach, and NLP Trainer. With over 5000 hours of personal and business coaching experience, Karen is a sought after, and well respected for her ability to partner with her clients in helping them reach their desired outcomes, and her love of learning inspires her students to grow and expand their knowledge to achieve their professional aspirations.