What is your Message?

Mar 10

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are impacting and influencing the people you interact with. What kind of outook do you have about people, and the world in general? Are you an optimistic person that naturally filters out the bad stuff and focuses on what is good about people and situations? Or, are you more of the pessimistic type of person who is wired to filter out the good stuff and focus on what's wrong with people and situations?
How would you describe your ability to manage your emotions? Are you able to control your emotional responses to challenges or do your emotions take over, leaving you feel defeated and out of control?
Without even saying a word, you are sending a message to everyone around you. I'm sure you can recall a time when you've been around a chronic complainer, and after listening to them vent a pile of stuff out to everyone within ear shot, you are left feeling drained and uninspired. Energy is real; it's something we all feel.  Depending on who we spend time with, our energy will either be elevated or depleted.

What energy are you emitting?

Do you walk into a room and people naturally let out a sigh of relief because they're happy to see you? Or does your presence cause people to tense up, hold their breath, and hope they can avoid saying or doing something that might set you off? 

Do you think about the impact your words, body language and actions have on others? Although It is true that you cannot control how others feel or the choices they makem it is also true that you do influence and impact others with your words, behaviors and actions. 

Self-Awareness and human connection are vital to your overall happiness and success. Before engaging in conversations, meetings,etc it is helpful to analyze your current state. Taking time to stop, breathe, and ask yourself how you are feeling, and how those feelings may impact the interaction you are about to have with others. Analyze your own state, and then take a moment to look around you and SEE the people in front of you as human beings, no better or worse than you...just human beings doing their best to get through the day. What could you say to them to empower and inspire them? What compliments could you hand out? What emotions could you manage better that would keep the energy in the room light and positive? What message do you want them to go home with? How do you want to leave people feeling after they've spent time with you?

Being intentional in creating a daily practice of paying attention to the state you are in, and the state of those around you is a game-changer.  

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