What my Clients have Taught me about the Power of Intentions

Nov 30 / Karen Amlin
I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients on an array of personal and professional development goals.

I had a big AHA moment a few years ago when I thought about the fact that if each client is given the same opportunity to utilize my coaching skills, and resources, why is it that some people take steps forward and experience positive results, while others seem to stay stuck? The answer to this question, no matter how many times I've asked it, lies in the pattern I've witnessed countless times. Although both sets of clients desire change, only those who make a firm, intentional decision to change, succeed.

I believe, with my whole being, that everyone is capable of change; anyone can create a life they love - it just simply comes down to the decisions they make.

Breaking the Pattern of Auto-Pilot Decisions

Step 1. Become Aware of Mindless Decisions 

You make countless decisions from the moment you put your feet on the floor in the morning, until the time you lay your head down to sleep in the evening. Intentional people are aware of the impact their decisions have on their current reality. It is common for people to live an auto-pilot existence; they go through the motions day in and day out, not paying conscious attention to the ripple effect of the decisions being made. Being intentional turns off your auto-pilot setting and puts you back in the driver's seat. 

My clients have repeatedly shown me the power of setting clear and focused intentions. The ones who have succeeded in achieving their desires, don't leave their thoughts and feelings to chance. Successful people take full responsibility for their attitude and mindset; they decide which thoughts are most resourceful, and reframe the ones that are not serving them well; Successful people decide how they are going to show up for the people around them, how they want to communicate, and whom they want to be in the world. Successful people accept the fact that no matter how much progress they make, they will not be immune to fear, negativity, or setbacks; they just know that when negative thoughts or situations present themselves, they have everything they need to reset, refocus, and get back on track.

Step 2. Make Decisions that Matter to the Who, What, and When

Clients that get the results they want, adopt the philosophy that nothing changes if nothing changes; they are willing to be open and flexible in creating new patterns that will lead to new results. It's not a coincidence that there is a noticeable shift in my clients as soon as they let go of complacency and begin taking control of their choices, blaming no one, and owning the responsibility they have to create their own happiness.

You can begin a journey of intentional living by becoming more aware of how you move through your day; are your thoughts aligned to whom you aspire to be? Are you telling yourself things that are empowering and inspiring? Are your decisions moving you closer to WHAT you want, or farther away? Do you keep your dreams and desires fresh in your mind? Do you know WHEN you will begin the work necessary to make things happen for yourself? How much time can you devote today to creating a life you will love tomorrow? 

Being Intentional is about being an active participant in your pursuit of what brings you joy; it's about fulfilling purpose in yourself & inspiring purpose in others.