What does it mean to BE Intentional?

Nov 26 / Karen Amlin
Being intentional is a commitment to purposeful thinking and clarity of action. It is a widely accepted belief that simply states: our thoughts stir up emotions, our emotions influence our actions, and our actions lead to results. Being intentional is about doing things ON Purpose & WITH Purpose, and this is only possible when you are clear about your desired outcomes.  Creating a detailed vision of what you want is the first step to intentional living.  When you are fully committed to making something happen, you can use the power of intentional thinking to achieve your desired results.

Being intentional takes you off autopilot and places you back in the driver's seat of your life.  With Intentional Thinking, your days will stop feeling like an endless loop of  "going through the motions", instead you will leverage each day to its full potential, excited that you are moving closer to achieving what you want.

3 Steps to Becoming more Intentional

1. Fall in love with the vision of what you want & why you want it.  

Make time to sit, be still and imagine what life will look like when you've achieved your desired outcome. Step into the future and feel the joy of your achievement: How will you feel? Who is with you celebrating your success? Who has been positively impacted by your achievement? How did you do it? What does this successful outcome mean to you personally? professionally?  

2. Identify necessary thoughts and action steps.

Once you have fallen in love with the picture of what you want & how you will feel when you achieve it, it's time for you to be still, and strategize.  Ask yourself: What are the thoughts I need to have so I can start believing my dream is 100% possible? What will I say to myself when challenges arise?  What will I say to myself when I feel overwhelmed and vulnerable?  What thoughts and beliefs do other successful people carry with them?  When I'm standing in a successful place in the future and I look back at the journey, what did  I do succeed? What steps did I take to achieve my desired outcome? What resources did I tap into? What skills did I use? Who did I seek guidance and counsel from? Who were my mentors? Who were my cheerleaders and supporters? What were my biggest challenges?  How did I overcome obstacles? How did I prioritize actions? How much time did I need to set aside each day to work on my dream? What new routines did I implement that had a profound impact on my success? How did I measure my success along the way?  What were the pivotal milestones? How did I celebrate my progress?

3. Commit to Your Thoughts & Actions without Self-Sabotage.

Committing to being intentional in your pursuit of your desired outcome requires self-awareness and firm rejection of self-sabotage.  People stop themselves from doing what they know they need to do because they simply, in the moment, surrender to the "I don't feel like doing it" pattern  When you practice intentional living, your connection to your vision, and your commitment to right thoughts and actions, win over procrastination. You think empowering thoughts ON PURPOSE, and move through your planned action steps WITH the PURPOSE of manifesting your dream.