10 Ways to Achieve the High-Road Thinking of Successful Women & Men

Jun 22

What is High-Road Thinking?

High-Road Thinking is a common trait of successful people; it is a purpose-driven, focused, way of thinking that somehow balances the need to be fully present in a moment without losing sight of the big picture.

Successful and effective people use High-Road Thinking to keep them:
  • moving away from distractions
  • moving through their fear, and 
  • moving toward their desired outcomes.

The following list will help you shift your mind to High-Road Thinking and help you take success to the next level, both personally, and professionally.

1. DECIDE & BELIEVE You Will Be Successful.

If you want to be successful, you must make a firm decision TO BE successful. High-Road Thinkers have a deep understanding of what it means to commit to the process of becoming successful; they are willing to see things through from onset to achievement. High-Road Thinkers adopt the philosophy that there are NO FAILURES, ONLY FEEDBACK; they approach each new challenge knowing they will either overcome and win, or they will learn and grow. High-Road Thinkers share the belief that every great thing we have in the world began from one person's idea, and this fact inspires them to BELIEVE in their own ability to succeed.

2. Practice Intentional Thinking.

Successful people do not move through life on autopilot; they think about what they're thinking about. Thoughts and actions of successful people are done ON PURPOSE and WITH PURPOSE; they know that thoughts create feeling, feeling lead to actions, and actions create results. Daily practice of Intentional thinking is purpose-driven; it is all about making clear, and focused decisions on precisely what needs to be done & why it needs to be done.

3. Know Yourself.

Self-Awareness is key to High-Road Thinking. Take the time to get to know who you are now, and where you want to go. High-Road Thinkers dig into their personal growth and development; they are intrigued with their own purpose and meaning.
High-Road Thinkers acknowledge their own unique skills and talents, while also being aware of their shortcomings and challenges; they evaluate their resources, and look for people and things that will support their success.
High-Road Thinkers are emotionally intelligent; they are aware of their emotions, and have figured out how to manage and control them in ways that are helpful rather than hurtful. 
The more self-aware you are, the more aware you become of others. Successful, happy people, understand who they are in relation to others; they consider how their own thoughts, emotions, and actions have a ripple effect out to the people around them.
High-Road Thinkers are committed to personal growth; they engage in learning through books, courses, coaches, mentors, consulants, videos, podcasts and more.

4. Be Accountable.

Successful people do not make excuses, or blame others for their results; they reflect on what has gone right, what needs improvement, and pivot when needed. High-Road Thinking is about accepting full responsibility for your current reality; it is a deep understanding that if you want something to change, then the change begins with YOU.
High-Road Thinkers value integrity; they do what they say they will do because they understand what is at stake if they don't. Being accountable for your own happiness and success is a gift you give yourself; with this practice, you are an active participant in your own life. You are not waiting for someone, or something. to make things happen for you, YOU make things happen for you. 

5. Keep the BIG PICTURE in your Daily View.

High-Road Thinkers visualize their dream or idea every single day; they know what success will look and feel like for them. Falling in love with a detailed picture of what it is you want to achieve, and reviewing it daily, instills a sense of urgency and purpose wthin you. When your vision is clear, so is your focus; there is little time for drama, and meaningless distractions when you are busy creating and achieving. Keeping your vision in front of you is a great deterrent for procrastination; when you can see and feel what your success will give you, you will have an easier time knocking tasks off your list. 


High-Road Thinkers believe perception is everything, and they choose to move through their day with a positive, solution-focused outlook; they know that success hinges on how they receive and perceive, the information, and challenges that come their way. Successful people look for what is going right, and deal with what is not working well, quickly and assertively. High-Road Thinkers value the people around them, and want others to succeed along with them; they are approachable, level-headed, and admired for their dedication to their ivision.

7. Successful People Do what Unsuccessful People Won't.

High-Road Thinkers make a plan for success, commit to WORKING THE PLAN through to the end, and accept the fact that there are action steps along the way that wiill not be easy or enjoyable. Successful people commit to completing the hard steps, even when they don't feel like doing them, because they know they are requirements to the dream being fulfilled.

8. Accept Fear as Part of the Deal.

Successful people are not immune to fear; they accept that it will pop up often throughout their journey. High-Road Thinkers understand that handling fear is a choice; they can either allow it to stop them, or they can choose to move through it and overcome it. You must accept fear if you want to succeed; fear will be along for the ride, and it is up to you whether you allow it to sit in the driver's seat, where it steers your course, or if you place it in the backseat, where you can peek at it in the rearview mirror, and smile knowing you are the one controlling where you go.

9. Value Impact & Purpose.

Successful people think about how they are impacting the people in their lives; they evaluate their presence and their outlook. High-Road Thinkers feel a sense of purpose bigger than them; they believe people are all somehow connected and they value their role in relation to what is good for everyone. Succesful people want what is best for others; they want to make a difference, and value the legacy they will leave behind. Success for High-Road Thinkers is only achieved when they know they've made a positive impact in their corner of the world.

10. Rest, Refuel, & Give Thanks.

Successful people do not wait for the right time to rest; they MAKE TIME to rest; they schedule in relaxation and self-care activities because they are aware that happiness and success can only be sustained by creating balance between work and play. High-Road Thinkers make time to seek joy, relaxtion, and fun on purpose; they schedule time for themselves and their loved ones, allowing their bodies and their minds to be refueled and reenergized. Successful people believe in the power of gratitude; they give thanks for everything they've already accomplished and give thanks in advance for all the good that is on its way to them. 
High-Road Thinkers share their resources with others; they want people to benefit from their experiences and empower people to reach their own levels of success. Success for High-Road Thinkers is found in the moments when they are completely present and aware of who they are, what they've accomplished, the positive impact they are having on others, and the realization that they are now living the life that they once held onto firmly in their imagination.

- Karen Amlin, PCC, FCBC, NLP Trainer