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7Key Intentional Thinking Points™
for Overall Happiness & Success.

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Choose from Two Pathways to Explore Options

7Keys - Business

- for Owners/CEO's
- for Leaders/Managers
- for Teams
- for Sales
- for Start-Ups
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7Keys - Individuals

- for Personal Growth & Fulfillment
- for Relationships
- for Ending Self-Sabotage
- for Dream Building, Goal-Setting & Planning
- for Health & Wellness
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Our Training Engages all 8 Learning Styles

Visual Learners

Each of our 7Keys includes videos to engage visual learners, as well as well as optional resources that include colorful charts and infographics.

Auditory Learners

Each of our 7Keys includes daily audios to engages auditory learners, as well as having opportunitites to listen, & discuss during coaching sessions.

Linguistic Learners

Each learning objective for the 7Keys includes  an accompanying summary worksheet to assist Linguistic Learners in retaining new concepts.

Logical Learners

Each of the 7Keys offers Logical Learners goals for learning, key concepts, and an explaination of how the learning objectives  relate to one another.

Kinesthetic Learning

Enrolling in the program with the option for interactive coaching, is perfect for learners who prefer hands on training to test new concepts & reflect on results.

Interpersonal Learners

If you enjoy impactful discussion with others, there are optional opportunities to interact with others who are studying the 7Keys. T

Intrapersonal Learners

For Intrapersonal Learners who learn best on their own, our 7Key System offers self-directed audios, videos, and worksheets that they can work through at their own pace, and within an individualized timeframe.

Naturalistic Learners

Because our 7Key System is available on any device and can be accessed anytime from anywhere, Naturalistic Learners, who learn best outdoors, can go outside, and listen to audios, watch videos, and complete their worksheets.

What people are saying...

The 7keys has been a huge game-changer for me. I feel so much more connected to myself and the people around me. I am more focused and productive, I am communicating effectively, I have put much-needed boundaries in place and I know what I need to do each day to stay on track. 
- Sue

This program is intense in such a meaningful way. I cannot believe how much people are noticing the difference in me in just a few weeks into the 7keys. I am approaching challenging situations in ways that are a win-win for everyone and I feel so much more in control of my life now. Thank-you!

 - Josh
It is impossible for anyone to do this program and NOT experience change...absolutely impossible. I am blown away with how much there is to the 7Keys....you can do the program again and again and you'll get more out of it every single time.