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Intentional Thinking Academy Inc. is the only online school that specializes in training that helps people harness the power of  Intentional Thinking.  Learning to be INTENTIONAL is a life-changer; it moves you from an auto-pilot existence and into the driver's seat. 
With IT training, you will steer yourself in the direction you need to achieve & receive.

Meet Karen

Karen Amlin is a cherished coach and trainer that has personally worked with over 400 clients; she has an exceptionally high track record for inspiring people to remove blocks in their thinking patterns, identify areas of desired change, and list the action steps needed to create the life they desire.

Known for her natural ability to connect with people; her care for her clients and students is her greatest asset. Karen understands the value of human connection and intentional thinking; she believes every person has greatness & purpose within them.

She has worked with leaders of large, successful corporations and loves having the opportunity to teach people to look at who they are as leaders, and how they connect with the people around them. Karen shares her personal journey with the people she works with and knows first-hand that our most difficult times in life, can be the catalyst for amazing personal growth.

Karen is blessed to have been raised in a tight-knit family; she is happily married to an incredible man, has three beautiful step-daughters and seven amazing grandchildren that she believes divinely share her DNA.

Founder and director of Intentional Thinking Academy Inc.; she is a Certified Life Coach (CLC), Flow Certified Business Coach, NLP Certified Coach (NCC), NLP Master Practitioner (MNLP), NLP Trainer and Core Strengths Facilitator. Karen also has a Bachelor's degree in Theology and a Diploma in Counselling Skills.
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