Great People Stay at Organizations When They Feel Value, Connection & Purpose in Being There. 

In comparison to longer, one-off L & D opportunities, the 7Key Intentional Thinking System meets busy leaders where they are, using bite-sized Micro-Training that is easily accessifble on all devices, and ongoing interactive professional coaching that supports leaders in testing, integrating and retaining new concepts learned.
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The video below will show you how our 7Key system addresses the top concerns busy leaders have when it comes to Learning & Development.

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Leadership Awareness is Crucial in Today's Ever-Changing Landscape
Research has Shown:

Increased Performance

When People Feel a Sense of Purpose at Work.

Increase in Intent to Stay

When People Feel a Sense of Connection and Belonging

Improved Teamwork

When leaders have ongoing Professional Coaching

Active Leadership Training that is Integrated & Retained

  • micro-training - short, bite-sized learning opportunities using audios, videos, and interactive worksheets
  • online access to training platform anytime/anywhere
  • all training objectives, audios, videos, and worksheets arae accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers
Interactive  Coaching
Ongoing, 15min to 30min. executive coaching for training, repetition, reflection, and implentation to ensure new concepts are tested, integrated, and retained. A Coaching Calender is easily accessible to all leaders with multiple sessions happening daily to accomodate the busy schedules of leaders & managers.
Measurable Results
  • real-time tracking and reporting on who is using the training and what the most used timeframes are etc.
  • ongoing feedback on progress and integration of training
  • detailed assessments of leaders before and after training and coaching

What are the 7Keys?


  • Self-Awareness
  • Awareness of Company Values & Purpose
  • Awareness of Leadership Style
  • Awareness of Leadership Responsibility and more...


  • Connection to Yourself
  • Connection to the People You Lead
  • Connection to Your Colleagues
  • Connection to Your Company's Values
    and more...


  • What strategy do you use for making decisions?
  • What state is best for making decisions
  • How do you measure outcomes? and more...


  • Leadership Presence
  • The Body Language of Leadership
  • Authenticity
  • Effective & Engaging Communication
  • Assertiveness & Empowerment               
    and more...


  • Transformative Leadership
  • Your Impact on the People You are Responsible For
  • Your Impact on the Company You Represent, the Community/the World
    and more...


  • Personal Growth
  • Growth in Leadership Skills
  • Growth in Awareness, Connection, Presence & Impact
  • Growth in Modelling Company Values
      and more...


  • Trusting Your Gut in a Fast-Paced Environemnt
  • Following Your Intuition about People
  • Following Your Intuition in Strategizing, Decision-Making and more...

Our Training Engages all 8 Learning Styles

Visual Learners

Each of our 7Keys includes videos to engage visual learners, as well as well as optional resources that include colorful charts and infographics.

Auditory Learners

Each of our 7Keys includes daily audios to engages auditory learners, as well as having opportunitites to listen, & discuss during coaching sessions.

Linguistic Learners

Each learning objective for the 7Keys includes  an accompanying summary worksheet to assist Linguistic Learners in retaining new concepts.

Logical Learners

Each of the 7Keys offers Logical Learners goals for learning, key concepts, and an explaination of how the learning objectives  relate to one another.

Kinesthetic Learning

For Learners who prefer hands on training, each of our 7Key learning modules includes interactive coaching that empowers new concepts to be tested with colleages and team members.

Interpersonal Learners

Group Coaching featuring break-out rooms for practice allows Interpesonal Learners to engage in group activiites to help intergrate and retain new learning objectives.

Intrapersonal Learners

For Intrapersonal Learners who learn best on their own, our 7Key System offers self-directed audios, videos, and worksheets that they can work through at their own pace, and within an individualized timeframe.

Naturalistic Learners

Because our 7Key System is available on any device and can be accessed anytime from anywhere, Naturalistic Learners, who learn best outdoors, can go outside, and listen to audios, watch videos, and complete their worksheets.

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Coaching: Return on Investment

Research has shown that organizations receive a return of $4 - $8 for every dollar spent on coaching; please watch our short video for more stats on ROI nd the positive impact of executive coaching.
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