Bringing Your People Together With Purpose.    

Cohesiveness increases engagement, retention, and productivity. It is only achieved effectively when a company masters the intricate balance between fostering purpose-driven togetherness, while maintaining the individual autonomy needed for innovation and growth.

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Cohesiveness is a Game-Changer


Engaged employees outperform those with low engagement by 202%


Companies that promote collaboration and engagement have shown to reduce employee turnover rates by 59%

Innovation & Productivity

Cohesive and collaborative organizations are at least 30% more innovative, and 36% more productive.

Cohesiveness In Your Organization & Leadership Training With A Focus On Retention Has Never Been More Important Than It Is Today.

Throughout the pandemic, employees re-evaluated their wants and needs, setting new standards for job satisfaction, and happiness. Without considering and adapting to these new employee expectations, retention will not be easily achieved post-Covid. Reducing employee turnover is critical to growth and profitability, and in today's climate, employees are more prepared than ever to make a move toward organizations that are flexible, and willing to listen, and meet their needs. According to, "retention of quality employees is a global issue". It has never been more urgent for companies to look closely at their employees' experience, from onboarding and beyond; a recent study has shown that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.
7KCC™ Areas of Focus for a Cohesive Culture and Increased Retention:

Values, Vision & Purpose

Proven strategies for keeping everyone throughout your organization aligned with your values, vision and purpose.

Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring for cohesive enhancement: balancing cultural alignment with the individuality needed for innovation and growth. 

Empowering Leadership

Leadership training & coaching presence that empowers trust, personal buy-in, creativity, & accountability in others.

Meaningful Communication

Ongoing dialogue, with clear messaging and expectations, that increases engagement, and fosters a sense of personal value & purpose. 

Purpose-Driven Teams

Creating a feeling of togetherness, centered on shared purpose, while valuing each person's skills, talents, life experience, and autonomy.
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Did you know that coaching & corporate training increases executive retention over 70%?
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