Intentional Thinking Leads to Happiness, Empowerment, and Purpose-Driven Action.

[in-ten-shuh-nl]  1 . ON PURPOSE AND WITH PURPOSE.

Being successful, happy, and empowered comes from feeling value and purpose. Our personal development courses and corporate training programs are built on the foundation of intentional thinking, firm decisions, deliberate action & follow-through.

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The only corporate training and business coaching program that provides expertise on effective cohesiveness. Through extensive research and thousands of hours of hands-on coaching, we have mastered the intricate balance between developing purpose-driven togetherness and maintaining the autonomy and individuality needed for innovation, and growth. Discover all the steps needed to develop and maintain empowering leadership, meaningful communication, and purpose-driven teams in your organization.

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Words From Our Academy Founder 

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Karen Amlin Bth, PCC, CLC, CBC, FCBC, NLP Trainer

There was a time in my life, 23 years ago when I was completely lost, depressed, and convinced I had ruined my chances for happiness and success. I didn't know then that the darkest time in my life, as difficult as it was, would teach me the power of being intentional with my thoughts and my actions every single day, and how that practice would change my life in extraordinary ways. Although the changes did not happen overnight and were difficult to manage at times, today I am beyond grateful for where I am, and how my experiences are being used to help others.

With over 5000 hours of personal, business, & executive coaching experience, I have had the privilege of working with incredible individuals in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. In my desire to understand the dynamics that contributed to so many clients reaching their desired outcomes, I analyzed and compared the attributes of clients who experienced success through coaching, with those who stayed stuck. The data gathered in my research & analysis drove the development of 7KEY Intentional Thinking Points™. It has been proven to me time after time, that people who are intentional in their Awareness, Connections, Decisions, Impact, Presence, Growth & Intuition become empowered to create a life that aligns them with happiness, peace of mind, and success.

Over the last two years, the 7KEYS have further developed into the 7KITP Philosophy™ with several 7KEYS programs and our exclusive  coaching and training program 7KCC™ (7KEYS for Corporate Cohesiveness) that uses the 7KEYS to brings people of an organization together through empowering leadership, meaningful communication, and purpose-driven teams."

Kind Words about Karen...

Karen is authentic, intuitive and compassionate to her absolute core. These qualities (in and of themselves) may not seem so impressive, yet she combines these humble traits with an amazing work ethic, fanatic attention to detail, a deeply strategic mindset and an optimistic, never-fail attitude. All of these traits combined make Karen one of the most impactful personal and business coaches in North America. If you need someone who can help unlock your own intuition, professional success and overall well-being, it is, hands down - Karen Amlin.
· Phil Del Vecchio, Head of Organizational Development, JBS Foods

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